About the Knox Safety Brand

The Knox Safety brand was launched in 2021 by an experienced and dedicated team of fire safety professionals who are committed to providing better life safety products and services. The Carbon Monoxide alarms are the first of their kind - offering the largest digital display and array of voice messages that combine to clearly inform its owner in a moment of danger. These are the only alarms that speak to you in English or Spanish to warn you of the current CO danger level in your home - and provide you with clear instructions on what to do to next to keep you and your loved ones safe.


A Breakthrough Industry Innovation
A recent Qualtrics survey revealed that U.S. consumers are often confused about the sounds emitted from home safety devices and are unsure how and when to react. When presented with an audible carbon monoxide (CO) alarm’s beep, only 34% of Spanish-speaking respondents and 47% of English-speaking respondents, were able to identify the beep emitted from a CO alarm. Most respondents were also unable to distinguish the difference between the beeps from a CO alarm, smoke alarm, or microwave oven. When every second is critical, a CO alarm needs to do more than just beep - occupants are often confused on the actions they should take when alarms sound – and during a potential emergency is not the time to search for a product manual to determine why the alarm is sounding. As a breakthrough industry innovation, these carbon monoxide alarms deliver critical information along with potentially life-saving response actions in both English and Spanish. Early and immediate detection is crucial, as research has shown young children, pregnant women, the elderly, and pets are often affected earlier than healthy adults.” According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the best way to ensure a home’s residents are protected from dangerous levels of carbon monoxide is to install a CO alarm on every level of the residence, and in a central location outside of each sleeping area.

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