Carbon Monoxide Alarm Direct Plug-in AC

Model 7200

Watch over your home and know you’re safe with this easy-to-install and easy to understand carbon monoxide alarm. The only alarm that informs, directs, and alerts you in an emergency. Just plug into your AC outlet and rest easy.

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User Guide - English
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  • Enhanced Voice Alerts - Alarm clearly communicates 22 separate warnings and emergency instructions
  • Intelligent Display - provides current alarm status and easy-to-read emergency response instructions
  • 10-year battery backup - never needs replacement
  • Peak button - recalls the highest level of carbon monoxide detected
  • Status button - get visual and verbal alarm status - and learn what to do during an emergency
  • Test/Reset button - ensure unit is working, and silence non-life-threatening alarms


Model 7200 – Direct Plug-In (AC) unit 120VAC~, 60Hz, 0.01A, 3V with a sealed-in, non-removable / non-replaceable lithium battery for backup.

Once each model reaches the end of its service life, or after 10-years – whichever comes first – the unit will alert you that it needs to be replaced, and you will need to install a new CO alarm.

Sensor: Electrochemical Sensor life: 10 years Alarm Response Times:

CO sensor will not alarm to levels of CO below 30 ppm and will alarm in the following time range when exposed to the corresponding levels of CO

  • 70 ppm CO Concentration 60 –240 minutes
  • 150 ppm CO Concentration 10 –50 minutes
  • 400 ppm CO Concentration 4 –15 minutes

Product Warranty:

10-Year product life and warranty


Operating range shall be between 40ºF and 100ºF (4ºC and 38ºC)


Operating range shall be 10% -95% non-condensing relative humidity.

Audible Alarm:

85dB at 10’, piezoelectric sounder

Separate speaker produces directions in the event of a status change.

See “Alarm Notifications” section for additional details.


Digital display produces directions in the event of a status change.

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